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With the new LDI Uniwell circuits introduced (laser direct imaging technology)

With the new LDI Uniwell circuits introduced (laser direct imaging technology) formaldebugging equipment, mark Chung Yang circuit step into the circuit board of the 40um era,with the AOI optical inspection machine early introduction, automatic character printing,finished       product inspection hole machine, full automatic product testing machines of high precision equipment, laid in the high-end Yang circuit the next 3-5 years, PCB, precision field underestimated the extraordinary strength of competition!


For the exposure step in the PCB process, different from the traditional film contact exposuremethod


        The difference with the traditional exposure

1 traditional exposure is through the mercury lamp irradiation film will image transfer to PCB

2.LDI is a method for laser scanning the images directly in PCB images, the image more fine



1 save exposed film in the process of loading and unloading process, saving time and cost offilm, and reduce the deviation caused by the expansion and contraction of the film

2 directly to the CAM data in PCB images, eliminating the need for CAM production process

3 high resolution image, fine line up to about 20um, suitable for the production of fine wire

4 to enhance the yield of PCB production