About Us
The Uniwell Circuits is a high-precision double-sided, multilayer printed circuit board express, sample and medium and large quantities of design ....[more]
Jiangmen the Uniwell Circuits technology co., LTD. Is in order to meet the needs of the market continues to grow and the structure of the customer orders...[more]
  • Process Capability
    We locate in "many varieties, small batch, short delivery" is dedicated to provide you 100% satisfied with the products, we have multiple processes...
  • Products Center
    Since its inception the company has been formed a research and development team, headed by the factory director over the past few years companies of some...
  • Delivery Commitment
    We are committed to provide you with 24 hours of order service, give you the most satisfactory delivery commitments.
  • Quality Assurance
    The company has passed the TS16949:2009, ISO14001:2009 and ISO9001:2008, UL certification, all products meet IPC, ROHS standards, etc.Strive to ...
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